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There is no such thing as an expert on the topic of Life. We all have had our battles, our suffering, and our questions. Despite the uniqueness of our personal obstacles, we have endured them. We have endured them well enough to advise those behind us as to how to do the same. I have done the research on your behalf regarding the multitude of reasons why wisdom exists. My mission is to utilize the voices of the world's greatest thinkers and heroes to compose a guideline of life's wisdom so that you don't have to experience those trials alone.

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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

A Day for Confidence

Why is it that when others judge us, we feel bad for ourselves?
We become embarrassed. It digs into our insecurities. We feel powerless and afraid, terrified to be alone. Subsequently, we begin to avoid certain activities that might later result in further embarrassment. So what is it that we're afraid of? Take a moment to reflect on that question. Someone jokes about you; then what? What happens? You feel embarrassed; then what happens? Are we afraid of other people? Not as much as one might think. Truly, what hinders us is the embarrassment itself. We are afraid of a feeling. Now having said this, what makes this such a brilliant epitome is that in the end of the “then what?” series of questions, one realizes the answer becomes “nothing.” After judgment and feelings of embarrassment, normalcy is once again established. You have the choice as to whether you will feel embarrassed, therefore you have the choice to thwart your personal embarrassment from affecting you. 

Here's the trick: other people don't embarrass us, we embarrass ourselves. Remember how to celebrate your uniqueness, don't ever forget it. Half the reason why the attentiveness to an idea is considered wise is because there are moments like this one. If ever you lose sight of your extraordinary ways, you allow the toxic criticisms of peers to sneak in and affect you.

"No one can make you feel inferior without your consent"
 [Eleanor Roosevelt]

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