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There is no such thing as an expert on the topic of Life. We all have had our battles, our suffering, and our questions. Despite the uniqueness of our personal obstacles, we have endured them. We have endured them well enough to advise those behind us as to how to do the same. I have done the research on your behalf regarding the multitude of reasons why wisdom exists. My mission is to utilize the voices of the world's greatest thinkers and heroes to compose a guideline of life's wisdom so that you don't have to experience those trials alone.

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Monday, March 28, 2016

A Moment of Self-Awareness

“”Love your neighbor as yourself.” Turn this around and say, “Love yourself as you love your neighbor,” for often you will recognize the goodness in another and ignore it in yourself. Some people believe there is a great merit and holy virtue in what they think of as humility. Therefore to be proud of oneself seems a sin, and in that frame of reference true affirmation of the self is impossible. Genuine self pride is the loving recognition of your own integrity and value. True humility is based upon this affectionate regard for yourself, plus the recognition that you live in a universe in which all other beings also possess this undeniable individuality and self worth.  False humility tells you that you are nothing. It often hides a distorted, puffed up, denied self pride, because no man or woman can really accept a theory that denies personal self worth.”

-- from "The Nature of Personal Reality"
The Voice of Seth, as channeled by Jane Roberts  (1994)

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Love is (a poem)

Love is

To all things, there is but one response:  Love.
Love in response to the Past is Forgiveness.
Love in response to the Present is Patience.
Love in response to Suffering is Compassion.
This awareness and ability to respond is Responsibility.
After all things, there is Love.

Before all things, there is Love.
Love is unconditional.
Love exists before the presence of conditions.
Therefore, the stimulus becomes irrelevant.
Love is a bell that rings without being struck.
To exist before a condition is to exist before Time.
Love is Creation.  

(March 28, 2016)