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Sunday, December 20, 2015

A Day for Togetherness

To continue with a Christmas or wintry theme this month, I would like to highlight yet another holiday classic. The story of Frosty the Snowman begins when a few children decide to build a snowman. Once it's time to dress him, they use an old silk hat they found.   And when they placed it on his head, Frosty came to life.   The children laughed and played with Frosty.  They even took him into town.   Sadly, it was a sunny day and Frosty began to melt.  He was aware of this and advised the kids to not cry and that he'd be back.

Like Frosty's story, there is another, much older tale with a similar premise.   From Russian folklore, I'd like to introduce you to Snegurochka, the snow maiden.   According to this tale, Snegurochka is the daughter of Winter, who bestows her as a gift to a childless couple.  She is born from snow as her name in Russian implies.  She is then adopted into their household as their child.  There are a few versions of this tale, even one that permits her from falling in love, but all versions share the inevitable truth that she will soon melt when winter is over.   However as Winter promised, she returns to the couple every year.  My guess is that snow happening in a Russian winter is a pretty solid guarantee.   Anyway, this tale developed to represent the celebration of new life.  Later, Snegurochka was adopted as a symbol of the New Year to accompany Father Frost (the Russian Santa Clause) in his journey.  To this day, she is a cherished symbol of Russian culture.

In their simplicity, these stories exist to highlight the fleeting nature of time.  For that reason, these stories exist to bring attention to the value of our relationships.  Frosty was a great friend to the children. Also, a couple who couldn't conceive now found a daughter in Snegurotchka.  These tales exist as a lesson in appreciation because they also serve as a lesson in how things can change.  

Address your time in the present moment and see who is around you.  Your friends, your family, be grateful for them.  Set aside time to spend with them.  Appreciate this time together.  Like snow, there is the potential that friends can grow distant or disappear. Cherish your time together, because all you have is right now.  

The fire is slowly dying, and my dear we're still goodbye'ing.
But as long as you love me so...
let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

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