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Saturday, August 13, 2016

10 Ways Life is like Driving

Often I do most of my pondering and ruminating while driving.  Many people do.  So I felt it was only apropos to assemble such an analogy.

This is 10 Ways that Life is like Driving:

1. Traffic.

Everyone's favorite!   Traffic happens.   Accidents happen too.  When driving is the means of transportation for so many people, we all understand the frustration of traffic.  Things get congested and it can clutter up the day.   Stay calm, stay alert, stay patient, and things will resolve themselves.  Which leads us into the bullet point. 

2.  Go with the flow. 

Traffic only goes one direction.  Traffic can stop everything to a standstill.  Accidents can occur.  Redlights allow for a pause and that's ok.  Go with the flow.  

3.  Road Rage

Now, I couldn't do a full blog post on the experience of driving without mentioning road rage. No matter how much traffic, no matter how hurried you are, anger is not required.   You are absolutely in control of your emotions.  Plus, if you're an individual who is so easily provoked into anger, maybe it's time for some introspection.   I mean, is anyone really happy to be angry?

4.  Parking spots.

This point is about one thing:  Gratitude.   You are not entitled to any one particular parking spot.  So be happy when it's close, and thankful when one is available.  

5.  Keep a clear mind. 

This one's really simple.  Stay attentive.  Don't drink and drive, please. Mental acuity is valuable in all facets of life, not specifically driving.  

6.  Stay in your own lane.

Remember who you are, remember which direction  you're going.  When you don't interfere with someone else's flow, it makes all traveling much easier.  

7.  Communication is key.

There's a reason blinkers, horns, and lights exist.   They're all ways to signal something to other drivers.  Yes, often that gets mistaken, but not always.  Always use kindness.    

8.  Go ahead, sing out loud.

Yes, really.   Put on that favorite music and have fun.   You have no reason to concern yourself with what others think of you.  Have fun whenever possible... even at a red light. 

9.  Red lights/ Stop signs.

Hit the brakes.  Take a pause.  Breathe.  That's all.  

10.  Go.

Whether you go to work, go to the mall, or go see a friend.  Whether you go angry or go with the flow.  Whether there's traffic or open roads, just go.   It's how you get places in life.  Know where you need to go, and then go there.

Enjoy the ride.

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