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There is no such thing as an expert on the topic of Life. We all have had our battles, our suffering, and our questions. Despite the uniqueness of our personal obstacles, we have endured them. We have endured them well enough to advise those behind us as to how to do the same. I have done the research on your behalf regarding the multitude of reasons why wisdom exists. My mission is to utilize the voices of the world's greatest thinkers and heroes to compose a guideline of life's wisdom so that you don't have to experience those trials alone.

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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

A Day without Grief

Grieving sucks.   When we lose things and people, it hurts.  It's one of the most emotionally painful experiences we can endure.   Grieving is the act of accepting all those future situations that will no longer be:  holidays with a loved one or the freedom to pick up the phone and call them at will.  While grieving, we must make peace with this new reality we've been given.   If that means we must sit with our conflicts, that's ok.  Never stop loving. 

This is not advice about how to forget your past.   People have value, celebrate them.  But release yourself from all those emotions of regret, doubt or guilt that could be attached to your grieving.  Replace them with feelings of gratitude and hope.  In what ways can you look back and be grateful for what you had lost?  In what ways can you use this loss as a platform upon which you can construct a more hopeful future?  This will allow you freedom from your own anxieties.  Also, this will become the harbinger of peace that welcomes joy back into your life.   The goal throughout this process is to figure out a way in which to re-discover happiness.  It begins with a choice.

“Don't grieve.  Anything you lose comes around in another form.”  [Rumi]

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