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There is no such thing as an expert on the topic of Life. We all have had our battles, our suffering, and our questions. Despite the uniqueness of our personal obstacles, we have endured them. We have endured them well enough to advise those behind us as to how to do the same. I have done the research on your behalf regarding the multitude of reasons why wisdom exists. My mission is to utilize the voices of the world's greatest thinkers and heroes to compose a guideline of life's wisdom so that you don't have to experience those trials alone.

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Monday, August 17, 2015

A Moment for Om

When embracing the moment, make certain that you are not looking at the moment with tunnel vision. Pan out and watch everything at once. The Buddhists call this the "Om." Sit back and embrace the moment, watch and listen to everything moving and singing around you. This is the Om. And! because there is no such thing as the future (because it's hypothetical) there is only right now. Which means, paying attention to the Om is to stand back and witness that every moment is creation manifested. and say Thank You that you've lived this long to see this much creation take place. 

Then, every decision you make is how you as a living, breathing human are participating in creation. You just participated just by reading this. So rather than spewing resentment into the ether, share goodness and gentleness. We have the privilege of creating that.

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