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Sunday, September 20, 2015

A Day for Spirituality

As the title describes, this is a spiritually oriented essay.  It is based on a belief that we are spiritual beings, specifically spiritual beings in a physical world.  If you agree, then you're going to have an easier time with this concept.  If not, I understand the skepticism.  This is an inherently faith-based essay since I don't have a means to verbally describe or even prove a spiritual existence.  What is spirituality?  It's simply the belief that there is an element to the life experience that is intangible. That element is the existence of spirits. The purpose of this essay is to offer an alternate perspective on how we experience the world.

So, what's wrong with how we experience the world now?

In truth, nothing.   We wake up, open our eyes and observe the world around us and its people.  We participate actively in this world.  We see, we hear, we feel, we smell, and we taste our way through the day.  We have this natural ability and that's a wonderful thing.

Then what am I talking about?

I'm talking about the latent parts of the human experience.  I'm referencing emotions, intuition, and instinctual impulses.  I'm talking about the aspects of life that are more difficult to quantify.  I'm referencing the moments within our experiences that are more challenging to explain.  These are experiences that are often linked to a spiritual facet of mankind.   Science and skepticism is constantly trying to combat and explain these lesser understood moments.  However, for the sake of this essay, we must quiet that scientific mentality and foster the faith-oriented belief system instead.

Ok, Now what?

Let's start with something basic.  For example, sound consists of physical vibrations traveling via vibrating air molecules to our ears, which we then interpret with our sense of hearing.  We all know and understand this science.  We know and trust the physical science behind the principles of sound and sensation.  We know this because we have developed tools to measure it. We've grown acclimated to the desire to quantify.  In the non-physical plane, there is no need for measurement since measuring implies physicality. Therefore, in the non-physical realm, there is the perception that all is abundant. There is no measurement or measuring device for love, for intuition, or for determination.  This should imply that the very nature of the non-physical realm is as such that using physical world structures to explain or measure it is inherently irrelevant.  This also suggests why it's difficult to explain, specifically for analytical individuals. Half the reason that we've grown acclimated to want to quantify things is because we've grown accustomed to our experience as physical beings.  It's what we know because it's what we observe.  Consequently, we've developed an ignorance to the possibility of alternate experiences.  Therefore, it practically mandates some form of faith to understand this principle. 

I'm suggesting that spirituality cannot be experienced or explained via our physical senses.  I'm not suggesting, however, that I expect anyone to see dead people.  I'm simply offering a new paradigm to trust  our inner being.  Trust its experience as you exist literally and physically to better understand who you are as spiritual beings.  In essence, we are a conduit of spiritual energy channeled into physical form.

If you want to achieve a spiritual life, you must accept that the spiritual side of you can do things you can't.  However, you can also do them by association.  This happens through alignment.    Here's where this can get interesting, and potentially complicated.  The complication occurs because that previously described desire to measure or observe the world through physical eyes can become a distraction to the ways in which we interpret spirituality.  For example, if our attention is focused too acutely on one element, we struggle to notice others.   For this reason, we've indulged the belief that spirituality is achieved via physical means.  And yet, there are genuine physical activities we can do to welcome alignment with our spiritual selves.

What does that mean?

For one, meditate.   Meditate, meditate, meditate!   Calm the body and calm the mind.   Let no thoughts enter, or no thoughts occur.  I would also suggest the opposite and meditate on a principle.  Ruminate on a dogma or definition to develop alignment as well.   The spirit within is joyous, it is victorious, it is peaceful, and it is constantly whispering guidance.  Look for it.  Listen to it.  But be aware that it won't make a sound or radiate light, it must be understood or intuited.  This is the benefit of calming the mind.  Foster that joy within you by listening to music that strengthens you or grounds you.   If you cannot calm your body, then move your body.   Dance with all the inspiration you can gather.   This is only a suggestion, but that very inspiration is what you must welcome.  There is a strong belief that spirituality entails crystals, crystal balls, and candles.   In a sense, this is what has developed out of the spirituality camp, but even these are all still physical items.   However, it is through these physical activities that we open ourselves mentally.   We open ourselves emotionally, free of doubt and resistance.  This allows us the opportunity and a greater likeliness to receive thoughts of love, joy, and peace. It's simply a reflection of our greater selves.  The worldly stimuli we experience can either be a distraction or a reminder to who we inherently are.  Some physical attributes like money or pain can distract us.  And yet, we can all think of examples where we have mustered up the determination to supersede pain and discomfort.  You know you can do it.  Welcome it.  Allow yourself to get lost in the moment.  We often get distracted by the past or future and neglect to notice the present.   When reminded of the present moment, whether dancing or meditating or giving thanks, we are participating in creation.   We are physical conduits for our spiritual selves. 

Allow the spirit within you the liberty to be expressed.  Encourage the spirit within you the motivation to overcome.  Introduce yourself to the spirit within through acts of compassion and empathy.  Introduce the spirit within you to the spirits of others surrounding you.  If the non-physical part of us is always abundant with goodness, there's no need to diminish that.   Share it.  Give.  Love with all your heart and all your energy.  Weariness is only a physical thing; disposition comes from within. 

In all these examples, there is still the wondrous reminder of how beautiful we are within.  Be in awe of that.  If you stop to smell the roses as the adage describes, smelling will always require a physical chemical transfer, and yet it proves as a reminder of how beautiful the world around us is.  Feel that beauty.  Absorb that peaceful contentment.  Embody your spiritual side.  Embrace the spiritual side of others.  You can do it.  

"Great things happen where men and mountains meet."  [William Blake]

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