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There is no such thing as an expert on the topic of Life. We all have had our battles, our suffering, and our questions. Despite the uniqueness of our personal obstacles, we have endured them. We have endured them well enough to advise those behind us as to how to do the same. I have done the research on your behalf regarding the multitude of reasons why wisdom exists. My mission is to utilize the voices of the world's greatest thinkers and heroes to compose a guideline of life's wisdom so that you don't have to experience those trials alone.

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Monday, January 4, 2016

A Brief Lesson from Nature

Consider this: 

Many believe that a strong exterior reflects a strong interior, but in fact it is quite the opposite: a hardened exterior conceals a softer interior. Consider the design of oysters, their shell is developed for protection. We will emotionally develop a similar shell purely for protection. Conversely, the softest exterior reflects a stronger interior. Consider the design of a peach fruit. It has a solid pit and its fleshy surroundings, but the peach utilizes that design as nourishment for the growth of the seed. Try to see beyond the allegorical descriptions, for there are genuine analogies that can be made.

This lifestyle is like that of a pine tree. Under the heaviest amounts of snow, the pine tree's branches will never submit. However under the same circumstances, any other tree's branches might all be broken. One could find irony in that the pine tree yields the softest woods of the trees yet remains standing in spite of its incredible duress.

The greatest paradox about the self is that vulnerability is the ultimate strength.

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