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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

A Day for Appreciation

I saw this quote not too long ago and I found it most inspiring.  So many of us, myself included, take for granted what a miraculous blessing life is.  In our neglect, we grow callous as if spoiled by the distractions around us.  Yet, they don't have to be a distractions if we don't allow them.  This is the purpose of mindfulness.

In alignment to Johnny's quote, you have a body.  Take a deep breath right now and enjoy it.

You have 5 senses.  Look around you.  You can read this post, appreciate that.  Look where you are, are you comfortable?  Look at the craftsmanship of the room you are in.  Look at your reflection.  You are alive.

Feel your body.  Feel your pulse.  Feel your heart beating.  Feel your clothes against your body.  You can embrace your family, your pets, or enjoy the warmth of a nice hot chocolate.

Taste that hot chocolate.  Savor every meal you eat. Relish it.  Enjoy it.  You have the ability to do that.

Smell what is around you, pleasant or not.  The sense of smell is a gift your body has.

Listen.   Listen to your breathing.  Listen to your favorite music.  Hear your friend's voices.  Listen to absolute silence and enjoy that also.

Appreciate that awareness.

Go for a walk.   Listen to the birds or sounds of water.  Smell the air.  Can you smell approaching snow or blooming trees?  Can you feel the warmth or coldness against your skin?  Be grateful for that.   Appreciation is simple.   Appreciation is easy.  Appreciation is tenable, as is happiness for all the aformentioned reasons.

Celebrate those around you.  Family, friends, neighbors.  Even if they bring you some frustrations, a day with them is always a day better.  Remember that.  

I've alluded to this mindset of appreciation in a former blog: A Day for Passion.
That mostly encompasses the appreciation of one's sense of purpose.    However, I hope one can infer the passion for life, or joie du vivre.  This is all tenable if you choose to pursue it.

Look around.   It is a beautiful day.  

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